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Cloth Dolls - Designed Just For Fun

    The dolls on this page are already made and waiting for homes.

    Delivery would be within a week. They are not Belly Babies. The only personalization that can be done now, is on their dress or slips at no additional cost.

    All of these dolls were made as prototypes to find a doll what would be the ideal Belly Baby, beside the traditional rag doll -- (see yellow and red haired examples on home page). Some dolls, do not have big enough bellies to comfortably add messages. Amy, on the right, and Dancing Rose, could only have one or two words. Other dolls have too many seams and darts than hinder embroidery. The 19 inch dolls seemed less baby-like and more older child-like, so they are usually personalized for older children and adults.
    Sleeping Suzie is very popular as the body type preferred for small babies and children. The Sleeping Suzie is smaller than the 15 inch Belly Baby we usually create. Awake Suzie, (original sketch of open eyes) is found on the Belly Baby page, is the most popular model for the Belly Baby. Technically, of course, any doll can be personalized in some way.

    Mandy - 19 Inch In Denim and Orange

    full dressed

    Mandy is a 19 inch doll with hand embroidered brown eyes.  Today she is wearing her hair in ponytails but she also likes it flowing freely down her back. (See Mandy modeling clothes on the Doll Clothes Page with her hair loose.)
    She is wearing Blue Denim Cotton with orange and blue butterfly print on her dress, but is she available wearing any one of the 18-19 inch dresses from the Doll Clothes Collection. The orange butterfly fabric appears on her collar, waist, skirt ruffle and hat. Each area is also trimmed in heavy blue cotton German lace.   She wears her brim turned up but it can also be worn down to protect her face from the sun.  Her hair and hat are trimmed with orange grosgrain ribbon.  She is also wearing an orange bloomers with white and orange lace ruffles.    Denim blue boots and stockings complete her look.

    Mandy's Close Up

    Mandy close up

    (left)Waist and Collar -- (right) Details Hem and Ruffles

    Waist and neck details Detail of Bottom of Mandy's Dress




    Mandy and five piece outfit.............$120.00

    Ms. March 20 Inch Ms. March

    This young lady is looking a bit sad because she is not at a party yet. She is ready to party, -- any party will do, but St. Patrick’s Day is her specialty. Her hand painted features are finer than the hand embroidered doll faces. Her face was painted and then ironed on separately. A difficult process that will not be repeated. Her curly yellow hair and green eyes add to her charm making her a one of a kind.

    Her green dress with the taffeta satin ruffles at the neck and wrist is embroidered with a Shamrock as well as her underwear. Her neckline and cuff ruffles match. Dark green Satin boots, and stockings complete her outfit. 

    Other outfits for an 18-21 inch doll are available for Ms. March in the Doll Clothes Collection.

    Ms. March is not recommended for toddler or babies because of her stiff heavy dress fabric and the tiny trim in her hair.

    Ms. March and four piece outfit.........................$110.00

    Jenny- 21 Inches

    Ms. Ohmy, dressed in pink,blue and yellow flowered dress, with white pantaloons tirmed in blue and a matching sunbonnetJenny is a 21" hand embroidered doll, with blue eyes and yellow braids that she also wears as pigtails. She has a slightly surprised look as she is always amazed and interested in everything. She has brothers who constantly tease her and sometimes pull her braids. She arrives wearing her Sunday best high waisted ankle length dress. Her all cotton dress and sun bonnet have a tiny yellow and blue floral pattern. Both her dress and bonnet are lavishly trimmed with imported heavy cotton lace. All edges of the bonnet including the inside edge are edged in lace. The bonnet is tied with blue grosgrain ribbon for windy days. The stand up collar, mutton sleeves and the hem of her dress is also laced trimmed. She is wearing leather-like blue boots, white long stockings, and blue lace trimmed long pants (pantaloons). Jenny's sash is also blue grosgrain ribbon and tied in a bow in the back. Jenny has available an extensive wardrobe.

    Photo Gallery of Jenny

    Jenny's long Pants (pantaloons)Jenny's Pantaloons

    Face showing her braidsClose up of Jenny's Braids

    Mutton Sleeve for JennyMutton Sleeves


    Jenny and outfit, including sun bonnet, dress, pantaloons, stockings, and boots .............................................$120.00


Meet Amy
Amy Waving

Amy 13 inch

Amy sports black pony tails, bangs and hand embroidered blue eyes.   She is wearing a matching coat (she dropped her hat), and red print dress.  Both dress and coat are trimmed with German Cotton Lace.  She also wears red pants and a red slip with red lace.  Her outfit is complete with a hand knit scarf the exact match of her lace trim.   Boots are red. 
Amy Showing Off SlipHer complete wardrobe can be found under 12 inch Doll Clothes.





Amy and complete outfit; pants, dress, coat, scarf, shoes, stockings and hat.........$60.00

Dancing Rose -15 Inches

Dancing Rose in Red Tutu








Rose's Close up

Ms. Rose's Close Up

Dancing Rose

This long legged doll loves to dance; especially ballet.  She has jet black curls and black eyes that twinkle. She hates to take off her ballet outfit.

Her outfit is a red satin body suit with puffed sleeves, and a red tutu.  Her curls are held back with a red satin hair band and a hand made red satin rose.

Rose's Dancing feet (in reflection)

Rose's Ballet Flats in Red Satin

Her ballet shoes complete the outfit.

Note: she is too young to be on points yet, so her shoes are ballet flats.

Rose as shown.....price $60.00

Sleeping Suzie 12 inches

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