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Belly Baby© the cloth doll with a message

    The "Belly Baby©" was originally designed for children under five and have nothing that may detach or scratch a small child or baby. There are no buttons, zippers, snaps or ribbons. The dolls are formed with hypo allergenic polyester fill. "The Doll With A Message" has quickly become a favorite of anyone who loves dolls. A personalized cloth doll is the attraction. This Doll is the perfect gift for any occasion. The quality of these dolls means they will last for generations. Please take at look at the older dolls in next column and on the About Us page. We guarantee, (unless eaten by the pet dog or run over by a car), that all our products will last. We have even repaired dolls chewed by the family dog. We believe that the happy memories of childhood should last a lifetime, with fun dolls as reminders.


      The Belly Baby© has been embroidered with:
      • the owners' birthday
      • the owners' name
      • the name of the doll
      • welcome to the world
      • a favorite song or poem
      • a favorite expression
      • congratulations on your promotion
      • congratulations on your graduation
      • get the idea
      • ... the message is only limited to space and imagination. You select anything that suits your fancy; anything you want to remember; any special life event.

    When I said that I loved you I meant it for at least thirty years....

    One of our first dolls with a message.

    This one is a favorite song and was hand embroidered on the back of the doll over 30 years ago.

    The song by REO Speedwagon

    Keep On Loving You.

    "....When I said that I love you I meant that I love you Forever..."

    Belly Baby Prices include one outfit and embroidery on one side, front or back

    Medium Size 15 Inch ..................................$130.00

    Large Size 19 Inch.......................................$150.00


    The two dolls below were chosen by an Aunt, in keeping with her families tradition of using rag dolls. The two below were especially made for her niece and nephew. The two dolls one dressed in blue, is the nephew's and the one dressed in pink and red, are the niece's. Each have their name and a date on the belly.

    Eddy- Blond with Blue Eyes Rag Doll

    Eddy Doll with Personalized name and date on belly

    You are able to select, for your special doll, the style and color of hair, eyes, lips and the skin tone preferred.  You may chose a dress, nightgown, or pants.

    "Sister Lucy Doll dressed in Pink play outfit and hat"Lucy in Yellow Dress with Red Apron and Pantaloons trimmed in red lace

    Lucy in Pink Play Pant Set and Yellow Dress with Red Apron

    Both Dolls are custom digitized and machine embroidered.



If you order a Belly Baby and allows us to photograph your Belly Baby and use it on this Web Site you will receive 25% off your order.

If after receiving your order you send us a photograph of your Belly Baby with its new owner and allow us to use the photograph as well, you will receive a second 25% off your second order. We can maintain privacy by not using names if you prefer.

This offer may not apply to the rag doll style.

This Fellow is 36 years old!

Made in 1975

This Doll was hand embroidered in 1975. (See the '75)

Now we digitize any wording required and embroider it by machine. It was easier to do it by hand, honest. All that was required was a needle pulling thread!

Photograph of Baby Belly with open eyes coming shortly. Sewing studio working very hard to get Belly Baby finished and this web essentials course completed -- that would be me!) Coming to this spot very soon a Belly Baby.


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