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Why We Make Dolls for All

Our Philosophy

    The Seams Possible philosophy is to make only joyful dolls and other products with care and attention. All of our products are meant to last for generations and we can prove that they do last. We guarantee that they will.* The dolls on the right side of this page the dolls are at more than 30 years old. They are still in new condition, even though they were favorite dolls, that logged lots of play time and tons of hugs. We believe that dolls can be a physical reminder of our happy moments. My interest in dolls began when I was chosen as chairperson of my high school's Doll Contest -- real purpose was to dress new naked dolls for Christmas charities. I was amazed how different the identical doll looked in different costumes. I was not allowed to compete, but it was fun great fun. Over 100 dolls were dressed that year. After that I never lost interest in dolls.

    And it really began again...

    Twenty seven years later I had my own children and an excuse to dress dolls again. I blatantly bought tons of different dolls for my kids, so that I would have different ones to dress. I grew up sewing, for myself and everyone else I knew, and found the same detail can go into doll clothes versus people clothes. It was then I realized that most dolls for young children where stiff and hard, or so soft and shoddy they fall apart. I started sewing dolls from scratch, and loved every moment. Every child in my neighborhood had a handmade doll. I personalized all the dolls I made with embroidery on the dolls body; usually Happy Birthday, or the child's birth date and name. Now anything goes.

    Why I Love Dressing Dolls

    The advantages of dressing dolls is many:
    • dolls don't complain that the design they picked suddenly is not as becoming as they thought it would be
    • they don't gain weight or lose weight during the fitting process
    • most importantly, they don't complain when you accidently poke them with a pin.
    • exquisitely expensive and beautiful fabrics become affordable in doll size yardage
    It is fun to sew for dolls.
    Thirty six year old Doll

    Thirty Six years old and still looking young.


    Buttons are not used on dolls for under five year old's in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada Product Safety Guidelines. Sometimes we leave them out entirely and sometimes we embroider buttons on instead.



Doll Contest
High School of Commerce Doll Contest

Commerce Girls Dress Dolls

Winners of the High School of Commerce annual doll dressing contest have been chosen for this year. With a grant from the student Council, the girls buy the dolls and then use their imagination and skill to dress them. They are donated to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the Catholic Family Service , the Family Service Bureau and Children's Aid Society. Front row, left to right are Gail Usherwood, 13, first prize winner, Ann Noesterow, 17 winner of the best–knitted outfit; Helen Panton 15, chairman of the contest holding the most originally dressed doll done by Maureen Shea 17. Back row, left to right are Heather Bleake, 14 second prize winner, Miss Frances Pullen teacher in charge, and Karen Baxter 12, third prize winner. More than 100 dolls were dressed this year.(Journal Photo by Dominion Wide.)

Sorry the photo is so awful, but I carried it around in my purse for years after the contest and taped it together when it started falling to pieces. If anyone has a better copy, I would be very interested. I am in first row right.

One of Our Tried and True Dolls

38 Year Old Black Haired Doll
Child's With Mommy's very old Doll

One of the first dolls made by Helen shown with lovely child taking her Mother's 38 year old doll for a walk. It is a Cabbage Patch Doll made with all cloth construction including the face.

I would like to acknowledge all the help and support I have received from all of my children, friends, and especially Patricia who has listened to every tiny detail of this adventure, from colour of lace on dolls dresses to problems writing code for this web site and design. The adventure just begins. Thank you all.

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