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Quality Embroidered Dolls and Children's Clothing

Our Quality

At Seams Possible we create unique handmade dolls and clothing for children. All products are made with care and attention to detail.  Our joyful dolls and decorated clothing are made with quality fabric. They are durable and always have enclosed or double seams, and all edges are finished. Every item is embellished with embroidery.

Our personalized dolls, doll clothing, and accessories are meant to be handed down from generation to generation. Everything we design can be customized especially for you. Anything you can imagine, we can create.

Introducing the Belly Baby© - The Cloth Doll With A Message

Our speciality doll is "The Belly Baby© – The Cloth Doll with a Message.  Each doll and doll's outfit is customized to reflect a child's image and has a message embroidered on the body of the doll.  It can be a very special gift; for a new baby, or for anyone with a special moment to commemorate. 

Our Other Creations:

  • Dolls

    •  baby dolls
    •  toddler dolls
    •  child dolls
  • Doll Clothes

    • 18" & 15" Pioneer Style
    • Fashion doll clothing - (Barbie style)
    • Special order clothing to match anything
  • Children’s Clothing

    • aprons
    • nightgowns
    • jumpers to match Mommy
Favourite Friends
Favorite Recent Cloth dolls Collection

These four dolls have hand or machine embroidered faces. Although they may look familiar they all have individual design elements chosen especially for them. The hair, eyes, body color, and clothing are all chosen by an individual who wanted to see the combination they selected.

Updates Available
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